CanStar is a transition program between CanSkate and StarSkate (Junior). CanSkate is a 45 minute session where StarSkate also known as Junior is a one hour session.  For the first 15 minutes, skaters take part in a group stroking warm-up session.  After this, our club coach, Jennifer, gives them a 15-30 min group lesson (depending on the level), and then they have 15 minutes of freetime.  Their fees cover the full ice time your skater is registered for.


At any point in the season, skaters, in consultation with their coach, may move into the StarSkate (Junior) program.  This is a choice often made when the skater is ready to enter competitions, to develop individual routines for free skating or interpretive programs, or to progress through dance levels.


CSA approved helmets are mandatory until the skater has successfully completed Level 5.

Skaters need to wear figure skates.

All ages, including adults, are welcome and encouraged to skate with us!

Important notes: 

- NO parents and/or spectators are allowed in the stands, no exceptions. This is as per Skate BC COVID-19 regulations.

- At this time, skaters can register in up to TWO sessions only due to COVID-19 regulations (smaller class sizes).

- NO registration will be secured unless an e-transfer of $43.75 (annual athlete insurance cost) is sent immediately to This applies to ALL families, including those who use community sport funding.

- Once the registrar has contacted you to confirm your sessions, session fees must be paid in full, immediately, via e-transfer to (If you use community sport funding, you will need to supply your case/confirmation number.)

To register CanSkate, the following conditions MUST be met, with no exceptions:

- Child must be 5 years old as of December 1, 2020

- Child must have completed CanSkate Level 1
- Child must be able to stand on skates unassisted
- Child must be able to shuffle on skates
- Child must be able to stand up, unassisted, after falling
- Child must be able to be without parent/guardian in the arena
- Child must be able to participate in the 30 minute class without a bathroom break

All registrations must be done online as per Skate Canada regulations.

Thank you!