SALMON ARM 2019/2020
Junior - 2:45PM to 3:45PM
Canstar - 3:30PM to 4:30PM
Pre-Canskate - 4:15PM to 4:45PM
Canskate - 4:30PM to 5:15PM
Intermediate - 5:15PM to 5:30PM
                              5:45PM to 6:45PM
Senior- 6:30PM to 8PM
Powerskate - 3PM to 3:45PM
Intermediate - 4PM to 5:15PM
Senior - 5PM to 6:30PM
Junior - 2:45PM to 3:45PM
Canstar - 3:15PM to 4:15PM
Pre-Canskate - 4PM to 4:30PM
Canskate - 4:15PM to 5PM
Intermediate - 5:15PM to 6:30PM 
Senior - 6PM to 7:30PM
SICAMOUS 2019/2020
Power - 3PM to 3:30PM
Pre-Canskate - 3:30PM to 4PM
Canskate - 3:30PM to 4PM 
Canstar - 4PM to 5PM 
Startskate - 4:45PM to 6PM 

Congratulations to all our Competitors of the 2017/18 year!